List of Buildings, Skyscrapers in Italy

St Peters Basilicast peters basilica
Florence Cathedralflorence cathedral
Leaning Tower Of Pisaleaning tower of pisa
Saint Marks Basilicasaint marks basilica
Sistine Chapelsistine chapel
Arch Of Constantinearch of constantine
Palazzo Vecchiopalazzo vecchio
Torre Unicredittorre unicredit
Citylife Il Drittocitylife  il dritto
Torre Intesa Sanpaolotorre intesa sanpaolo
Palazzo Lombardiapalazzo lombardia
Torre Euroskytorre eurosky
Torre Solariatorre solaria
Unipol Towerunipol tower
Pirelli Towerpirelli tower
Torre Enel Itorre enel i
Torre Europarcotorre europarco
Torre Saveriotorre saverio
Condominio Marinella Iicondominio marinella ii
Torre Bredatorre breda
Bosco Verticale Torre Ebosco verticale torre e
Crystal Palacecrystal palace
Torri Del Tribunale Di Napoli Atorri del tribunale di napoli a
Torre Galfatorre galfa
Torre Littoriatorre littoria
Torre Piacentinitorre piacentini
Torre Velascatorre velasca

Discover the height of tallest buildings in Italy. Click on the amazing skyscrapers and get to know their height.