Politician Birthdays in December Month

December 1

Zayed Bin Sultan Al Nahyanzayed bin sultan al nahyan
Maida Abdallahmaida abdallah

December 6

Torhild Aarbergsbottentorhild aarbergsbotten
Sofia Arkelstensofia arkelsten

December 7

Olgica Baticolgica batic

December 8

Alina Zoteaalina zotea

December 9

Sonia Gandhisonia gandhi

December 10

Rosmah Mansorrosmah mansor

December 11

Laura Brodlaura brod

December 12

Rozaina Adamrozaina adam

December 13

Harsh Vardhanharsh vardhan
Ulla Anttilaulla anttila

December 14

Sanjay Gandhisanjay gandhi

December 16

Astri Aas Hansenastri aas hansen

December 17

Muhammadu Buharimuhammadu buhari
Marie Arenamarie arena

December 18

Joseph StalinJoseph Stalin
Mara Carfagnamara carfagna

December 19

K Anbazhagank anbazhagan

December 21

Jagan Mohan ReddyJagan Mohan Reddy
Rachel Azariarachel azaria

December 22

Ted Cruzted cruz

December 23

Louise Bourslouise bours

December 24

Ed Milibanded miliband
Martha Berenice Alvarez Tovarmartha berenice alvarez tovar

December 25

Nawaz Shariefnawaz sharief

December 26

Angela Angelangela angel
Darlene Antonino Custodiodarlene antonino custodio

December 28

A K AntonyA K Antony
Michaela Biancofioremichaela biancofiore

December 30

Omar Bongoomar bongo
Elena Oana Antonescuelena oana antonescu

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