Famous Celebrity Heights

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West Germany

Adil Rashidadil rashid
Chris Barriechris barrie
Pamela Ferrispamela  ferris
Angela Merkelangela merkel
Allison MackAllison Mack
Rob ThomasRob Thomas
Daniel ToshDaniel Tosh
Jeri RyanJeri Ryan


Josie D ArbyJosie D Arby
Luke EvansLuke Evans
Russell T DaviesRussell T Davies
Catherine Zeta JonesCatherine Zeta Jones
Ian Watkinsian watkins
Andy Whitfieldandy whitfield
Joanna PageJoanna Page
Lisa RogersLisa Rogers

West Indies

Chris Gaylechris gayle
Darren Julius Garvey Sammydarren julius garvey sammy
Evan ParkeEvan Parke
SD JonesSD Jones
Darren SammyDarren Sammy
Viv RichardsViv Richards


Tamina SnukaTamina Snuka

West Yorkshire

Claire Elizabeth Cooperclaire elizabeth cooper

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