Average Height of Trees in United States Of America

Hyperion Redwoodhyperion redwood
Coast Douglas Fircoast douglas fir
Sitka Sprucesitka spruce
Giant Sequoiagiant sequoia
Noble Firnoble fir
Coast Redwoodcoast redwood
Sugar Pinesugar pine
Western Hemlockwestern hemlock
Bull Pinebull pine
Grand Firgrand fir
Lawson Cypresslawson cypress
Plains Cottonwoodplains cottonwood
Sugar Maplesugar maple
Flowering Dogwoodflowering dogwood
Quaking Aspenquaking aspen
Yellow Elderyellow elder
General Shermangeneral sherman

Discover the average height of trees in United States Of America. Click on the different trees and get to know their height.